Our school’s philosophy revolves around the fact that a child’s early years are the foundation for life long learners. It is an irreplaceable time when students need love and nurturing from their parents and teachers, as well as socialization with their peers and new opportunities to discover themselves. We truly believe these precious years in each child’s life are an essential stepping stone for their future. Stepping Stones has been at the forefront of innovative early education, and we have developed quality educational programs to serve our students. We utilize a balanced curriculum that establishes new perspectives for our young learners. The foundation for this curriculum ties closely to the Reggio Emilia approach, and our staff and teachers are constantly trying to improve and innovate these ideas.


The Reggio Emilia approach is designed for all children from birth through six years of age. Its main goal is to promote education by developing all of the languages of a child including their cognitive, expressive, communicative, relational, and ethical perceptions. In order to achieve this goal, our teachers dig deeper into each student’s personality and thinking patterns. We value the representation of notion and theory in compound forms through print, art, construction, music, and play.