Our Kindergarten Program

The Stepping Stones Kindergarten Program follows the same NAEYC accredited curriculum as our preschool classes. In order to provide our students with a more spacious and free learning environment, our kindergarten classes are held at our Stepping Stones Academy campus across the street.


Project Based Learning

Every school year, our teachers focus on specific themes and concepts for long-term projects within the classroom. These projects will consist of art, science, and tech integration. With this method of teaching, our students are able to dive deeper into their learning. Project-based learning also allows children to be more hands-on with their education, which makes learning more exciting and meaningful.

Accelerated Academics

Our Kindergarten classes implement an academic program that integrates both kindergarten and 1st grade standards. We hope this can challenge our students as well as preparing them for the next grade. During the beginning of the school year, our teachers will make sure that the students are well equipped to move on to 1st grade material. With this system, our students will have a strong foundation that will prepare them for a successful academic career.

Co-Curricular Activities

Every week, the kindergarten students will have the opportunity to engage in activities outside of their classroom work. They will get to work in our wonderful art studio with all kinds of materials and mediums. Also, our students will get to learn a new language with our Spanish teacher. With these activities, our students will be able to expand their ideas and creativity.


For more information about our Kindergarten program, please feel free to contact us below and we will get back to your right away!

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